Customised consulting for efficient cleaning

You need to clean your equipment and have your own staff do do so? Have a S-I-R-consultant on site! Our skilled and experienced specialists develop the perfect strategy for efficient procedures that safe your time and money. We’ll come to wherever you are – everywhere on the planet.

Our services:
  • We survey and analyse your machinery
  • We develop the right concept for cleaning your equipment
  • We organise the applications and technologies needed for cleaning your equipment
  • We instruct and supervise the workers on the project
  • We check and document the results
  • We make sure the cleaning process is as eco-friendliy as possible
  • We develop a concept that helps you to prevent new damage caused by corrosion, deposits, scales, etc.

Of course all of these services can be booked individually.
Whatever your problem is – with S-I-R cleaning solutions you tap the full potential of your ship installations or industrial plants. Please mail your inquiries to
Always at your service!